Issue 124 - 05 | Get Rid of the Jerks

By Dr. Bob Tobin
Published Dec. 23, 2014 10:00 a.m.
“What’s the best way to have a better life? Just do this one thing: Get rid of the jerks.

Yes, that’s right, get rid of those people who are bothering you, the people who hold you back, the ones who don’t appreciate you, the ones who complain all the time, the ones who are always criticizing you, the ones who drive you nuts, the ones who just tolerate you. In short, the jerks. I have had them in my life. Too many of them. Consulting clients who always pushed for a price cut and were never satisfied with the work I had done for them. Faculty colleagues who spent more time spreading rumors than doing research. Gossipers who would suck me in to conversations berating others. I often didn’t know they were jerks because it was so comfortable being with them. I just figured everyone was like that. It took me a while to learn otherwise.”

About Dr. Bob Tobin | Bob Tobin has been a member of the faculty at Keio University in Tokyo since 1989 and his teaching, research and consulting focus on change and creativity in international business. His courses aim to developing the ideas, skills, talent and imagination of tomorrow’s leaders and innovators. He has taught in the graduate program of Boston University, the MBA program of Pepperdine University, and has held visiting appointments at Chuilalongkorn University in Bangkok, Cebu Doctors College in the Philippines, and the University of South Australia.
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