Issue 123 - 02 | Welcome to the Conscience Economy

By Steven Overman
Published Nov. 12, 2014 12:00 p.m.
“Something extraordinary is happening. Humankind’s increasing interconnectedness is causing a global transformation of values and expectations, at both the individual and societal level. The shift is reaching a tipping point that will transform business forever.

You don’t have to be an economic detective or business futurist to see myriad signs of the unstoppable rise of a new set of economic prerogatives that prioritize proactive positive impact on people and planet. Consider this short list: the emergence of universally available virtual education, the mainstreaming of environmental consciousness on the political and business agenda, the accelerating growth of the organic and Fairtrade foods industry, the growth of impact investing as a sector, the innovation in biosensor-enabled mobile healthcare solutions—these phenomena and more herald a mass movement for good that’s great for humanity. And for business.”

About Steven Overman | Steven Overman has built his career as a pioneer at the intersection of media communication and technology innovation for over two decades. He works on the front line of business and culture transformation, helping teams expand new ideas into massive international phenomena that generate billions of dollars of economic value, but even more importantly, new ideas that positively change the lives of people everywhere. He is a former Wired producer and recently joined Kodak as Chief Marketing Officer, where he will lead the renewal of one of the world’s biggest brands.

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