Issue 120 - 03 | Generation We: Why Me Doesn’t Work for One and Everyone, and What We Can Do to Change It

By Steven Smith & David Marcum
Published Aug. 20, 2014 12:00 p.m.
“Why does society tend to work in opposition to we if we is clearly a superior strategy? Why don’t human beings make stronger moves to get past me ... ? Because psychologically and historically, me is a durable way to survive and succeed. Politics and business are competitive and capitalistic. Head-to-head, me appears to be the most viable strategy. But perception isn’t reality.

Social science and history expose me as a less steady way to survive, and a fragile way to thrive. And when me leaves work and goes home, stakes can get even higher. Emotions are closer to the surface. Love is deeper. Commitments are stronger. Me collapses entirely as a carryover strategy from boardrooms to living rooms.”

About Steven Smith & David Marcum | Surveying 8,000 people in over 1,200 organizations, Steven Smith and David Marcum conducted an eight-year study of the interplay between human strengths and confidence. The result is their latest book, Catalyst: How Confidence Reacts with Our Strengths to Shape What We Achieve and Who We Become. Their work has previously been published by Simon & Schuster and Wiley, in 24 languages and 50 countries, and taught in top organizations across the world. Smith and Marcum are also co-founders of G5 Learning, a company dedicated to help young professionals build career capital and realize their potential.

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