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Issue 12 | See-Through Science

By James Wilsdon & Rebecca Willis
Published Jan. 25, 2005 6:00 p.m.
Politics and science needn't be like oil and water. The authors of See-Through Science argue that greater public engagement early in the scientific process improve social outcomes.

About James Wilsdon & Rebecca Willis | James Wilsdon is Head of Strategy at Demos, where he leads research on science, technology and sustainable development. His recent publications include: Masters of the Universe: science, politics and the new space race (with Melissa Mean, Demos, 2004); The Adaptive State: strategies for personalising the public realm (ed. with Tom Bentley, Demos, 2003); and Digital Futures: living in a networked world (ed., Earthscan 2001). He is Chair of People and Planet, an Associate Director of Forum for the Future, and an Honorary Research Fellow of the Institute for Environment, Philosophy and Public Policy at Lancaster University. Rebecca Willis is Associate Director of Green Alliance and Vice-Chair of the UKʼs Sustainable Development Commission. Previously she was a policy adviser at the European Parliament. Her recent publications include: Next steps for energy taxation (with Paul Ekins et al., PSI/Green Alliance, 2002); Precaution in Practice: How the precautionary principle is used by government, business and NGOs (with Jennie Oldham, Green Alliance, 2002); Steps into Uncertainty: Handling risk and uncertainty in environmental policy making (with Beatrice Rose, Green Alliance/ESRC, 2000).

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