Issue 119 - 01 | The Most Important Company In the World: Intel, Moore’s Law, and the Heartbeat of Civilization

By Michael S. Malone
Published July 23, 2014 12:00 p.m.
“The biggest invention of our digital age is one we rarely think of: ourselves. […]

Mankind lived for hundreds of thousands of years with almost no change; then, with the Industrial Revolution we learned to inhabit a world of continuous improvement. But now, we deal with lives that experience the equivalent of an Industrial Revolution every few years. We’ve survived it, we’ve adapted to it, and now we are learning to thrive in it. And, though we barely noticed the change, we now live differently, learn differently, communicate differently, an ultimately, think differently. … In other words, we have internalized Moore’s Law. Its beat is now our heartbeat; its pace of change is now the heartbeat of civilization.”

About Michael S. Malone | Michael S. Malone has covered Silicon Valley and high tech for more than thirty years, and he was twice nominated by the San Jose Mercury News for the Pulitzer Prize for investigative reporting. He is the author or coauthor of more than a dozen award-winning books, including The Virtual Corporation and The Future Arrived Yesterday, and a regular editorial writer for the Wall Street Journal. Malone holds an MBA from Santa Clara University, where he is an adjunct professor. He is also an associate fellow of the Said Business School at Oxford University and is a Distinguished Friend of Oxford.

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