Issue 117 - 04 | 12 Myths that Lead to a Busy, Unfulfilling Life

By Greg McKeown
Published May 14, 2014 12:00 p.m.
“15 years ago, I quit law school to pursue one overarching question: ‘Why do capable people fail to breakthrough to the next level?’ The answer to the question, to my great surprise, is success.

I first noticed the phenomenon while working with executive teams in some of Silicon Valley’s most innovative companies. When they were focused on the right few things it led to success. But the success bred options and opportunities which undermined the very focus that led to success in the first place. In other words, I found that success can be a catalyst for failure. If we are not careful, it leads to what Jim Collins described as “the undisciplined pursuit of more.” It is true for companies; it is true for people.”

About Greg McKeown | Greg McKeown writes and speaks around the world on the importance of living and leading as an Essentialist. He writes a regular blog for Harvard Business Review as well as for LinkedIn’s Influencer group. He has run workshops, consulted, and spoken at companies such as Apple, Google, Facebook, IDEO, Microsoft, Twitter,, Symantec, Dropbox, VMware, the California Maritime Academy, and severeal major nonprofits. He teaches a session of the d.Leadership class at Stanford University and serves as a Young Global Leader for the World Economic Forum. Greg holds an MBA from Stanford University.
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