Issue 112 - 04 | What? Your Organization Doesn't Have a Constitution?

By S Chris Edmonds
Published Dec. 20, 2013 8:30 a.m.
“Most senior leaders put greater thought into their organization’s products than they do its culture. Yet culture drives everything that happens in an organization each day, including what leaders pay attention to, whether problems are ignored or resolved, and how employees and customers are treated.

Of course, understanding the need for an effective culture is one thing. Creating and managing that culture is another. How does one go about creating something that, on one hand, is so important, but, on the other hand, seems so amorphous?

Through the creation of an organizational constitution.”

About S Chris Edmonds | S. Chris Edmonds is the founder and CEO of The Purposeful Culture Group. After a 15-year career leading and managing teams, Chris began his consulting company in 1990. Since 1995, Chris has also served as a senior consultant with The Ken Blanchard Companies. Chris provides high-impact keynotes, executive briefings, and executive consulting and coaching. He has authored six books, including Leading At A Higher Level with Ken Blanchard. His new book, The Culture Engine, helps leaders craft workplace inspiration with an organizational constitution.

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