Issue 106 - 03 | Jazz-Leadership

By Penelope Tobin
Published June 5, 2013 12:00 p.m.
“Traditional leadership has long looked like the orchestral conductor. But we’re living within a whirlwind of change, and the authoritarian individual, working to a fixed, detailed plan from a detached position of control, isn’t equipped to deal with it. To survive these new circumstances, we must all learn how to improvise (from the Latin “improvises”, meaning “not seen ahead of time”). […]

We need leadership in a new groove—jazz-leadership.”

About Penelope Tobin | Penelope Tobin is founder and CEO of Barrier Breakers, a social enterprise based in London, England. Barrier Breakers provides soft skills training and consultancy based on her award-winning approach, Barrier Breakers Methodology for Soft Skills Development and Evaluation (BBM), which identifies and removes the barriers that block human potential. Before becoming a committed soft skills advocate and activist, she was a professional musician, first weaving through an array of infamous pop and rock bands as keyboard player while doing her jazz apprenticeship. Then, as a jazz pianist, composer, and vocalist, she fronted groups based in London and New York that gigged around the globe. Always an active educator, she now coaches, consults and speaks widely on BBM and the power of soft skills.

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