Issue 106 - 02 | Right or Kind? Navigating the Soft Skills Revolution

By Maxine Kamin
Published June 5, 2013 12:00 p.m.
“Do we care about talking to each other anymore, or are we settling for mostly texts, emails, tweets, and electronic quickies? Is this like quickie sex, compared to romantic adventures with all the accoutrements of a love making session? Are we too busy to really connect? What is the draw of fast talk?

We often think that quick communication saves time. This is true in some cases. Relying only on cursory communication though runs the risk of misunderstanding, and a lot of hoopla about 'what did she mean by that e-mail?' Once those questions get started, they take on a life of their own and end up as huge time wasters, not time savers, and the intent of the communication may be lost, and so badly misinterpreted that trust goes astray in the translation. Let’s regroup and think about the advantages of face-to-face communication, what might get in the way, and types of skills that promote cooperation, even in difficult instances.”

About Maxine Kamin | Maxine Kamin is president of TOUCH Consulting, Inc.: The Personal Touch in Business. She is an author of internationally recognized books and training guides for the American Society for Training and Development such as 10 Steps to Successful Customer Service and Customer Service Training. Her background includes fourteen years in academia as an instructor at the University of Massachusetts, dean level roles at Miami Dade College, director of Miami-Dade College’s Pre-School Lab, and over twenty years in corporate positions, including Manager of Instruction and Evaluation at American Express. She founded TOUCH Consulting, Inc. in 1995, and works with companies all over the United States to enhance service delivery through improvement of systems and processes.
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