Issue 100 - 02 | Death Blues: The Celebration and Opportunity of Each Moment

By Jon Mueller
Published Nov. 14, 2012 12:30 p.m.
“How much time is left? Do we know? Does our plan know? What happens when we thoroughly hold and understand that our lives are finite? How does this understanding of our end shape our present? And how do we become more ‘present?’ Because each moment is an opportunity and a decision.

We all have dreams for the future: Making a million dollars, getting a new car, finishing school, getting a promotion, and achieving any number of goals, while potentially important, might not be possible in this instant. But considering an overdue apology, sending a positive email to someone, calling a family member, talking to a co-worker about a project idea, connecting in any way with someone in order to make something good happen can be done right now. And consider the affect those immediate actions might have on the longer-term goals listed previously. Many big events in our lives are the results of a series of immediate but important smaller events that take place before them. Immediate positive actions are the structural building blocks for what’s to come.”

About Jon Mueller | Jon Mueller is a drummer and percussionist, having performed solo and in various groups throughout North America, Europe, Japan, and the United Kingdom. He has spoken on creativity and listening to audiences at Weslyan University, Loyola University, Viva! Festival Montreal, and more. He is also the General Manager of 800-CEO-READ, a company that helps connect people and ideas. This manifesto is part of his ongoing multi-disciplinary project titled Death Blues.
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