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Issue 10 | Dear Hollywood: Great Movies can Make Money, Too
By Mark Ramsey Published Dec. 14, 2004 9:00 p.m.

For every Spider-Man 2, there are a dozen Catwomen. For every Alien, a dozen Alien vs. Predators. Hollywood knows how to produce, write, and direct great films; it's just that they so rarely bother to make the effort. Between the niche Indie and the brainless blandbuster are the great movies that thrill our senses and move our hearts. Better movies CAN make more money if we prove we want them. Hollywood, DON'T insult our intelligence, DON'T waste our time, DON'T sell us your snake oil any more. Raise the bar NOW!


About Mark Ramsey | Mark Ramsey is the creator and writer of MovieJuice.com, the movie satire site called “cheerfully smartass” by Roger Ebert, who named it “one of the top 20 movie sites online.” Ramsey has appeared on E!, VH1, MSNBC, and CNN, where he brings along his uniquely irreverent brand of movie reviews. Ramsey has also participated in pilot programming for the soon-to-launch cable network MovieWatch. He is a board member of the Broadcast Film Critics Association, the nation?s largest film critics group, whose annual awards will be televised this January on the WB and are known as the most accurate predictors of Oscar winners. Visit his homepage at http://www.moviejuice.com.

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