Issue 16

Bet This! A Gambler's Guide to Leadership
Published Aug. 5, 2005 - By Eileen Shapiro

Eileen Shapiro thinks that betting is a part of everyday life. Check out her four tests (and one proxy) for action-based leadership.

Why Smart People Defend Bad Ideas
Published Aug. 5, 2005 - By Scott Berkun

The problem with smart people is that they like to be right and sometimes will defend ideas to the death rather than admit they’re wrong.

Issue 15

Barriers to Health & Fitness
Published July 1, 2005 - By Michael Gonzales

You hear an awful lot about what you should do to stay in shape or eat health. What is stopping you? Michael Gonzales lays out all of those things and shows you how to get past them.

This is Radio Clash: A Manifesto for Creating a Meaningful Radio Experience
Published July 1, 2005 - By Fred Jacobs

Radio is under fire. Radio companies think it is about the technology. Fred Jacobs suggests they should start with the listeners.

Let's Rewrite the Constitution to Deal With Organizations
Published July 1, 2005 - By Art Kleiner

Art Kleiner suggest that organizations are where all of the power lies today and it is about time to recognize that and leverage groups to solving problems. Think open source for government.

Managing With Aloha
Published July 1, 2005 - By Rosa Say

In Managing With Aloha, Rosa Say discusses how the use traditional Hawaiian values can change your business and how you view the relationship with your employees and customers.

Tomato TomA[h]to
Published July 1, 2005 - By Tom Peters

In his latest Changethis manifesto, Tom Peters shares many conventional business wisdoms and tells you why they are all wrong.

Issue 14

A Positive Attitude
Published Feb. 24, 2005 - By Dan Auito

We can all use a little sunshine. Dan's caught a few rays and made them into a manifesto you can take with you wherever you go. He hopes it makes you smile.

100 Ways to Help You Succeed/Make Money, Part 1
Published Feb. 24, 2005 - By Tom Peters

Tom's back! In this first installment, you'll find 50 short, wonderfully sweet nuggets of advice that you will love, love, love.

Does ANYONE know how to Market? (and will anyone care?)
Published Feb. 24, 2005 - By Chris Houchens

Go to your bookshelf. Find all the marketing business books you can. Throw them out. Rinse. Repeat. Chris Houchens isn't kidding.

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