Issue 25

The ABCs of a Kaleidoscope Career
Published Aug. 4, 2006 - By Lisa A. Mainiero and Sherry E. Sullivan

The twentieth-century linear career model, of rising to the top of a corporation and being a big, fat, ethically unscrupulous power-monger, is dead. Mainiero and Sullivan show you how to create a stunning new Kaleidoscope Career.

Polkas, Pyrotechnics and Point D's: Pieces and parts of Seth Godin's new book, small is the new big
Published Aug. 4, 2006 - By Seth Godin

Here’s just a taste of Seth Godin’s latest book, small is the new big, a plentiful well of inspiration for your business and you.

Issue 24

It’s a Big, Blog World Out There: Five Quick Tips to Building a Better Blog
Published July 4, 2006 - By Meryl K. Evans

Evans details how to make your company’s blog better and why it is an essential way to reach your customers.

Know the Codes: Why We Act, Buy, and Love as We Do
Published July 4, 2006 - By Clotaire Rapaille

Rapaille reveals the unconscious motivators behind how we act and what we buy by unearthing the unique culture codes found within each of us.

The Working Mother’s Manifesto: This is How We Do It
Published July 4, 2006 - By Carol Evans

Carol Evans encourages working mothers (and fathers) to ask their organizations for what they need to attain a healthy balance between work and family.

Non-Geeks are Not Morons: The Change Function Model for Adopting Technology
Published July 4, 2006 - By Pip Coburn

Pip Coburn uses his Change Function model to contend that new technology should be inspired by the users’ practical needs, not only the technologists’ lofty vision. Check out a podcast with Pip here.

Strategy and the Fat Smoker
Published July 4, 2006 - By David Maister

David Maister offers advice on how to fight strategic flab and make change happen by encouraging a diet of good habits and short-term goals.

Issue 23

The Rewritten Rules of Management
Published May 26, 2006 - By Tom Ehrenfeld

In this hard-charging manifesto, Tom Ehrenfeld directs our attention to Bill Swanson's act of plagiarism and asserts that by letting Swanson get by with a slap on the wrist is like letting the Enron folks off with a small fine and a few hours of community service.

Owner's Guide to Difficulties
Published May 26, 2006 - By Peter Albert

When you feel the tension building in that space between your shoulder blades, or you lay in bed at night unable to stop that film replaying all the days stresses, use Peter Albert's techniques for handling all life's difficulties.

The Eyeball Artisan
Published May 26, 2006 - By Chris Ballard

Sports Illustrated columnist Chris Ballard offers an inspiring story of an unusual man who loves an unusual job. This excerpt from Ballard's book, The Butterfly Hunter, is certain to ignite your search to find your true calling.

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