Issue 17

The Personal MBA: Mastering Business Without Spending a Fortune
Published Sept. 7, 2005 - By Josh Kaufman

Business schools don't have a monopoly on worldly wisdom - if you care more about increasing your effectiveness at work than a diploma and a few lines on your resume, the "Personal MBA" is for you.

Critical Thinking for Managers: A Manifesto
Published Sept. 7, 2005 - By Crystal King

Crystal King provides a how-to-think critically guide. With many choices in today’s world, managers need to be critical thinkers and encourage their employees to be the same.

25 Ways to Distinguish Yourself
Published Sept. 7, 2005 - By Rajesh Setty

According to Setty, "being part of the commodity crowd erodes your value." You need to rise above the crowd by following Setty's 25 ways.

The Hypomanic American
Published Sept. 7, 2005 - By John D. Gartner

Are all American entrepreneurs hypomanic? John Gartner defines the hypomanic American and describes traits associated with hypomania.

The "PSF" is Everything!
Published Sept. 7, 2005 - By Tom Peters

This manifesto's subtitle is: Making the Professional Service Firm a "Lovemark" in an Age of "Managed Asset Reflation". Read on to discover why Peters believes the "professional service firm is everything".

Issue 16

Escape Adulthood
Published Aug. 5, 2005 - By Jason Kotecki

“Grown-ups never understand anything for themselves, and it is tiresome for children to be always and forever explaining things to them.”

The Youth of Today
Published Aug. 5, 2005 - By DK

Everyone is always wondering what kids are thinking. DK gives you view into the complicated and sometimes contradictory world of today's teens.

Bet This! A Gambler's Guide to Leadership
Published Aug. 5, 2005 - By Eileen Shapiro

Eileen Shapiro thinks that betting is a part of everyday life. Check out her four tests (and one proxy) for action-based leadership.

Why Smart People Defend Bad Ideas
Published Aug. 5, 2005 - By Scott Berkun

The problem with smart people is that they like to be right and sometimes will defend ideas to the death rather than admit they’re wrong.

Issue 15

Barriers to Health & Fitness
Published July 1, 2005 - By Michael Gonzales

You hear an awful lot about what you should do to stay in shape or eat health. What is stopping you? Michael Gonzales lays out all of those things and shows you how to get past them.

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