Issue 21

111 Ridiculously Obvious Thoughts on Selling
Published March 9, 2006 - By Tom Peters

This masterly list of not-always-obvious tips reminds us that every relationship is a sales relationship. Tom Peters' thoughts on selling will sharpen your innate sales sense—for the expert or novice alike.

True Team Building: More than a Recreational Retreat
Published March 9, 2006 - By Kevin Eikenberry

Does the phrase "team building" bring to mind interminable meetings briefly punctuated by stale, free sandwiches and awkward get-to-know-you games? Use Kevin Eikenberry's high-CARB approach instead of the tired, traditional methods of team building. The CARB approach encourages teams or the organizations that support them to go bey

Issue 20

Community Greens: Green Infrastructure and Community Revitalization
Published Dec. 15, 2005 - By Kate Herrod

Scientists have proven that a lack of nature can have negative effects. Learn, with help from Kate Herrod, why a slice of green is good and vital.

Simplified Security: 25 Tips to Help Companies Implement Security
Published Dec. 15, 2005 - By Ravi Char

This manifesto helps companies of all sizes understand and implement the necessary level of security. The 25 tips cover everything from physical security to SPAM.

How to speak a teen’s language, even if you’re not one
Published Dec. 15, 2005 - By Josh Shipp

Speaking "teen" is not easy. It means knowing the difference between Beyonce, Britney, Ashlee and Jessica. Josh Shipp will help you become fluent in "teen". He'll teach you to entertain, inspire and empower.

Going Home
Published Dec. 14, 2005 - By Robert Paterson

"We, in the West, have been asleep for a long time." We've become accustomed to living in a Matrix. What we once aspired to achieve and earn, is now taken for granted. A new culture is starting to challenge this Matrix. A culture that will revive our sense of community and lead us home.

Issue 19

Why Your Boss is Programmed to be a Dictator
Published Nov. 9, 2005 - By Chetan Dhruve

Did you vote your boss into the corner office? If not, perhaps your boss is a dictator. Chetan Dhruve explains why bosses become dictators.

The Life Cycle of the Creative Soul
Published Nov. 9, 2005 - By Felix Gerena

"This manifesto shall be a guide for your creative efforts. A map in case you get lost. A helpful voice in times of solitude. Perhaps, the first spark for a new creative action."

Speak Softly
Published Nov. 9, 2005 - By Ira Williams

To be humble is not to be weak. To be humble is to be strong. Americans need to regain their humility.

The Creative Generalist
Published Nov. 9, 2005 - By Steve Hardy

People today are raised to be niche thinkers. We're all specialists in particular subject matters. We need to return to thinking more broadly to generate big ideas.

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