Issue 28

The Capitalist Manifesto: Managing the Rise of Citizen Investors
Published Nov. 7, 2006 - By Stephen Davis, Jon Lukomnik, David Pitt-Watson

The citizen investor is you. Me. Uncle Joe. With our investment comes the power to demand better of the corporations we invest in. This revolution in corporate ownership demands a revolution in corporate management, and this manifesto shows how to get it done.

The Seven Principles of Privacy: Protect Your Customers’ Privacy Ethically, Not Legally
Published Nov. 7, 2006 - By David Holtzman

Technology is endangering our privacy. Every company that we do business with holds a representation of ourselves somewhere in their data stores. Because laws make poor privacy guidelines, David Holtzman presents seven ethical ways for companies to handle our information.

Declaration of Independents: Fighting against the Colonization of Our Local Communities by Big-Box Retailers.
Published Nov. 7, 2006 - By Stacy Mitchell

Wal-Mart. Home Depot. Walgreens. The proof of corporate retail expansion is evident at almost every freeway exit ramp. But at what cost? A blighted landscape. A lack of diversity. The demise of community. An environmental crisis. Stacy Mitchell’s manifesto arms us for the fig

Beyond Snobbery: Grammar Need Not Be Cruel to Be Cool
Published Nov. 7, 2006 - By June Casagrande

Here, June Casagrande (so not your ninth grade English teacher) will reassure you that it’s okay not to care about grammar. Just what you wanted to hear! But with humor and enthusiasm, she will show you how grammar can be fun and worth a little bit of your time. So, uncover your eyes and learn her lesson. This won’t hurt a bit

Accountability: Effective Managers Go First
Published Nov. 7, 2006 - By David Maister

How far are you willing to go to facilitate change in your organization? Management expert, David Maister, says you’ve got to be willing to go first. And he means all the way, even to the point of resigning if your change efforts fail. Instead of saying “Charge!” to the troops, say “Follow me!”.

Slow Leadership: Creating Civilized Organizations
Published Nov. 7, 2006 - By Adrian Savage

Adrian Savage proposes a return to civilization and humanity in organizations. Does this sound something like your day at the office? You are driving on a rain-soaked freeway. The other cars are speeding past you. You speed up to stay in the flow, but your knuckles are white as you grip the wheel. Familiar? Here's how to find the next ex

Issue 27

A Manifesto for Mavericks
Published Oct. 7, 2006 - By William Taylor and Polly LaBarre

Bill Taylor, co-founder of Fast Company, and Polly LaBarre present this brazen manifesto that describes the changing state of business leadership and asserts that the only companies and leaders that matter are those with the guts to be distinctive and disruptive. Are you a maverick at work?

Going for the Go Point
Published Oct. 7, 2006 - By Michael Useem

The Go Point: the moment when a decision becomes action. With an easy writing style and on-the-ground stories, Michael Useem, Director of the Center for Leadership and Change at the Wharton School, prescribes how to make the best decision when the stakes are the highest.

Changing the Rules: Lessons from a Starfish World
Published Oct. 7, 2006 - By Ori Brafman and Rod Beckstrom

Such seemingly dissimilar groups as the Apache Indians, music swapping programs, Wikipedia, Alcoholics Anonymous and Al Queda have one thing in common: they are all starfish. According to Brafman and Beckstrom, each of these resilient groups succeeds because they are absent any hierarchy (head) and conventional organizati

Get Out of the Technology Hex
Published Oct. 7, 2006 - By Sean Hull

Ever wonder what those folks in IT actually do everyday? Most likely, they are busy defending your company against invaders, inefficiency and wasted resources. How? Here, Sean Hull, “self-appointed International Interpreter for Geek-to-Suit communications” translates just what your technology team is doing for your organization.

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