Issue 31

Why Corporate “Goodness” is Not Enough: Rethinking Corporate Responsibility
Published Feb. 7, 2007 - By Christine Arena

Arena argues that the widely-held notion that corporate responsibility is about “doing good” marginalizes an important part of doing business in the 21st century. Instead, it is about innovation, changing as the world changes. She also lets us in on which extraordinary companies driven by purposeful id

Keep It Real
Published Feb. 7, 2007 - By Julien Smith

Julien Smith confronts companies and marketers with a deceptively simple question: Are You Keeping It Real? And if you don’t know what he means, you probably aren’t. So, read up on how you can walk the walk in this new consumer-led century.

Not a Dirty Word: Seven Steps to Creating an Accountability-Based Organization
Published Feb. 6, 2007 - By Bob Prosen

Prosen argues that the best way to produce extraordinary results within your organization is to create an accountability-based culture focused on producing results, not activities.

The State of Competitive Advantage
Published Feb. 6, 2007 - By Mitchell Gooze

Looking forward, competitive advantage demands competent process management to navigate the tumultuous and frenetic environment that enterprises face. Your value acceleration, not just value creation, is the metric to determine your enterprise’s success.

Purposive Drift: Making It Up As We Go Along
Published Feb. 6, 2007 - By Richard Oliver

It is a common theory that successful people live their lives like a project plan, so we struggle to shape our lives along a pre-determined path. Instead, Oliver asserts that that the majority of people, many of them very successful, make it up as they go along. This smart manifesto offers a convincing and well-researched argument encouragin

Issue 30

You are Being Lied To and Other Truths
Published Jan. 10, 2007 - By Larry Winget

This is a manifesto’s manifesto and an absolute ChangeThis reader must-read. Here, Larry Winget is everything you know him to be: upfront, relentless, hilarious, and full of wisdom about giving and getting business advice.

Reclaim Your Life: A Two-Week Challenge to Help You Regain Time
Published Jan. 10, 2007 - By Stuart R. Levine

January 1st comes around and we’ve all made a resolution or two. By February 1st, we’ve failed more than we’ve succeeded and are back on last year’s track. Stuart Levine has the antidote. Here are 11 of his 100 rules for changing your life and making more of your work/life balance.

Work as Refuge: How to Add Meaning to Your Life at Work
Published Jan. 10, 2007 - By Jonathon Flaum

The alarm goes off. You stretch, yawn, put your feet on the floor, one foot in front of the other, get started on another unfulfilling day at the office. But it doesn’t have to be that way. Jonathon Flaum shows you how to find meaning in your every day work.

How to Become a Customer Action Hero in 10 Steps
Published Jan. 10, 2007 - By Jeanne Bliss

“Rate your experience from 1 to 10.” “Would you recommend our company?” We ask the questions of our customers. But what do we do with their answers? Jeanne Bliss gives us the action plan to actually make our customers happy with our services.

Manifesto for Experimentation
Published Jan. 10, 2007 - By Joseph Jaffe

Jaffe declares that marketing organizations need to foster and adopt an aggressive and intense culture of experimentation. But how to take the risk? He’ll present 10 critical components to take on the journey, and a 5-step process to guide the way.

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