Issue 168

What Makes a Change Maker a Change Maker?
Published Sept. 19, 2018 - By Amy Radin

“Economic and social stability depend upon innovation. The friction of capital and information, and the impediments that used to be caused by distance, time, and space are gone, but getting from imagination to execution continues to be full of challenge. Change makers close the gap between napkin-back idea and real-world impact.”

Lessons From The Road: Bringing Musicianship and Performing Into The Office
Published Sept. 19, 2018 - By Todd Pasternack

“Have you ever looked at the way bands and music artists operate—at various levels of success—and found parallels to the ways that businesses need to constantly innovate, grow and empower their teams to get the best out of them? … There are more connections than you may think.”

Issue 167

Finding Your Lodestar: Long-Term Thinking for a Short-Term World
Published Aug. 8, 2018 - By Mark Miller & Lucas Conley

“In 1968, Andy Warhol proclaimed, ‘In the future, everyone will be world-famous for 15 minutes.’ With the advent of memes and viral videos, we now live in that future—one in which any trending joe (or his grumpy cat) can make a quick buck. So why is all this short-termism leaving so many of us feeling shortchanged?”

The Art of Influencer Bartering
Published Aug. 8, 2018 - By Brittany Hennessy

“It may seem like everyone has a blog, or a social channel they want you to follow, and that’s because it’s true. It has never been easier to turn your expertise into a revenue stream and becoming an influencer will help you do just that.”

Success: What Gets Measured Gets Managed
Published Aug. 8, 2018 - By Adebola Alabi

“Why do some succeed, while others failed, why are some so far behind in the game of life while others are well ahead? Why does it seem like everything goes very well for some while others appear to be struggling in everything they do? What does it take to become a champion? Can anyone win in the game of life and become as successful as they desire?”

Why Routines Matter
Published Aug. 8, 2018 - By Todd M. Warner

“Most people who work in large organizations do not have the ability to design their own habits, or routines; their work lives emerge from the environment that they work in, and the forces—operational, hierarchical, and functional—that exert themselves on their daily lives. Successful people in these environments, we’ve found, have routines that are distinct to their social systems, and these routines differentiate their performance.”

Perseverance Is the Biggest Talent
Published Aug. 8, 2018 - By Norma Hopcraft

“I may be more talented at dogged perseverance than I am at creative writing. It doesn’t matter. I have to write. If I don’t, Franz Kafka’s quote comes true: 'A non-writing writer is a monster courting insanity.' So I’ve bird-dogged my goal: to keep out of the asylum and instead to benefit the world as my Higher Power wants me to do.”

Issue 166

#NeverAgain: The Parkland Manifesto
Published July 11, 2018 - By David Hogg & Lauren Hogg

“We’re really proud of what we have accomplished so far, and are so grateful to all the people who have joined our cause. But let’s face it—­it’s not enough. And the merchants of chaos keep peddling their wares.”

How the Promise of Technology Has Mutated Into Addiction and Despair, and What to Do About It
Published July 11, 2018 - By Vivek Wadhwa & Alex Salkever

“The way we use technology is, far too often, broken, brain dead and utterly dehumanizing. It is negatively impacting our happiness. And it needs to change. This is not to say we can or should pull the plug. We are past a point where we can comfortably exist in society without technology.”

The Five Stages of Purposeful Engagement
Published July 11, 2018 - By Jennifer Dulski

“While at, I got a unique perspective into the world of decision-makers because of the more than one thousand campaigns started every day on the site asking people and institutions for change. From the data, I’ve seen that there are a series of predictable stages decision-makers tend to go through as they react to campaigns that are directed at them.”

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