Issue 178

Redesigning Business for a Democratic Economy
Published July 17, 2019 - By Marjorie Kelly

“Even as widespread faith in the workings of our economy is falling apart, unsung innovations are quietly arising. Entrepreneurs, business executives, investors, and community leaders are choosing to ‘get in front of this problem,’ showing how we can move beyond an economy that serves the few to one that serves the many.”

It Is Your Right To Be Heard: Why Women's Voices Get Silenced and How to Set Them Free
Published July 17, 2019 - By Veronica Rueckert

“The voice is an amazing gift, both a privilege and a responsibility. Using it takes courage, especially if you’re a woman. We’re given only a finite amount of time to figure out what it’s for, to grow into ourselves enough that we can speak up when the time comes.”

How to Reverse the Dismal Failure Rate of Digital Transformations
Published July 17, 2019 - By Tony Saldanha

“Most digital transformations fail for two reasons: 1) their transformation strategy lacks clarity and 2) they don’t choose the right processes for disciplined execution. In short, they fail at the where of digital transformation and the how.”

Nincompoopery: How to Find and Kill the Corporate Stupidity That Drives Customers Crazy
Published July 17, 2019 - By John R. Brandt

“Nincompoopery—terrible customer service, idiotic business processes, and soul-crushing management practices—surrounds all of us. We lose time, patience, and profits as stuck-in-the-past organizations actively prevent us (and our customers) from getting the value we (and they) deserve. Can't anybody change this?”

Having Said That: Business Clichés to Avoid Like the Plague
Published July 17, 2019 - By Keith Bendis & Robert Spector

“Clichés are integral to daily discourse. Phrases become clichés because they contain common knowledge and truth. Our familiarity with their meanings puts us all on the same page in order to get the ball rolling toward a win-win situation. (Of course, only time will tell.) But at the end of the day, even the cleverest cliché ceases to be a magic bullet because its usage reveals a lack of imagination or originality.”

Mastering the Basics
Published July 17, 2019 - By Dean Karrel

“Years ago, I started using the phrase 'mastering the basics' with those who reported to me. … It was a strategy that had worked for me through the years and I was now using it as a training tool for those who worked in my departments.”

Issue 177

5 Things We Think We Know about Strategy—and Why We’re Wrong
Published June 12, 2019 - By Edward Morrison, Scott Hutcheson, Elizabeth Nilsen, Janyce Fadden, Nancy Franklin

“Strategic planning has always been an ineffective tool to lead an organization. … The venerable institution of strategic planning is long overdue for at least a major overhaul, if not outright replacement.”

Want to Be a Great Leader? Hit the Pause Button
Published June 12, 2019 - By Sara Canaday

“Today’s leaders are being asked to both do more AND think more. Is that even possible? I’m a fan of multi-tasking but this seems unreasonable. Expecting leaders to succeed in the context of a constant act-more, think-more, produce-more world is self-defeating, at best. At worst, it could be disastrous for our projects, for our teams, and for our health.”

Become the Leader You Would Follow
Published June 12, 2019 - By Scott Jeffrey Miller

“Leadership isn’t always rewarding. It can feel like a bottomless pit of problem solving and adult-sitting. … It’s okay if you admit that leadership can be hard and unenjoyable, because the benefits of being successful at it can be life-changing.”

The New Era of Innovation
Published June 12, 2019 - By Chris Duffey

“What we can be certain of is because of new emerging technology like AI, the rate of change will only increase. And the need for human intelligence, creativity, and ingenuity will be even more valuable and in demand in the future. However, here in lies the paradox—that AI technology is not only fueling the pace of change but will also make us more intelligent.”

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