Issue 141

Life Is Negotiation: Field-Tested Techniques in Emotional Intelligence and Tactical Empathy from an FBI Negotiator
Published May 4, 2016 - By Chris Voss

“We spend most of our days negotiating for something. The majority of the interactions we have at work and at home are negotiations that boil down to the expression of a simple, animalistic urge: I want.”

Be Bold: Risks and Rewards of Betting On Yourself
Published May 4, 2016 - By Fauzia Burke

“Change happens to all of us. I've realized that by being bold and pushing through fear, we grow and gain some control over the changes that happen to us. Every change helps us to realize our full potential.”

CAUSE! A Business Strategy for Standing Out!
Published May 4, 2016 - By Jackie and Kevin Freiberg

“There is an undeniable wave cresting. The wave is a new breed of companies that are purpose-driven and cause-oriented. They are forward-thinking and intentional about doing good, connecting dreams to opportunities, and launching movements that make the world better.”

Wealth Creation is about Better Decisions, not Financial Products
Published May 4, 2016 - By Douglas P. McCormick

“Creating wealth and financial security for yourself and your family is not derived from purchasing specific financial products, but by employing a holistic framework that results in good, consistent decision-making throughout your lifecycle of financial needs.”

The Five Pivotal Moments of Every Sales Transformation
Published May 4, 2016 - By Lou Schachter & Rick Cheatham

“Whatever the cause, the moment will come when you will find your company in a shift from selling a lot of your current offering to something new. Five key moments determine whether your sales transformation will be successful.”

Issue 140

The Door to Door Manifesto: How to Fix Traffic. Now.
Published April 13, 2016 - By Edward Humes

“The U.S. economy suffers a $160 billion annual hit in lost productivity from traffic jams … Long and congested commutes even correlate with higher rates of divorce, stress, obesity and chronic pain. But all of this pales in comparison to the one, big, dirty secret of traffic: We know how to fix it.”

Getting China Right
Published April 13, 2016 - By Arthur R. Kroeber

“China’s spectacular economic growth has been one of the most significant events of the past two decades. … We need to understand how China works (and how it doesn’t), why it works the way it does, where it might be headed in the coming years, and what this means for the rest of the world.”

Profit with Purpose: The New Guiding Conscience of Global Capitalism
Published April 13, 2016 - By Billee Howard

“For a brand to be truly successful over the long-term, as benchmarked against the world’s leading companies, it must innovate and create for the we and not the me, and also aim to profit in ways that provide collective purpose beyond a self-interested, fattened bottom-line.”

Sharing Power: Why It Requires Deep Personal Change
Published April 13, 2016 - By Robert J. Anderson & William A. Adams

“Our approaches to change are far too casual about both asking managers to let go of control and assuming that others will want increased responsibility. When we redistribute power, we ask people to reconstruct themselves—and that requires deep personal change.”

Mission Impossible: How to Avoid Procrastination
Published April 13, 2016 - By Helene Segura

“Procrastination can make life miserable. It’s unnecessary stress that we bring upon ourselves. Overcoming procrastination comes down to thought control and self-regulation. It’s all about mind management. Realizing that you’re dragging your feet is the first key.”

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