About Dambisa Moyo | Dambisa Moyo is a prize-winning economist. The author of New York Times bestsellers Winner Take All and Dead Aid, she was named one of the “100 Most Influential People in the World” by TIME magazine. Moyo is a regular contributor to the Wall Street Journal and Financial Times. She lives in New York City.


Manifestos by this author
A Call Against Complacency
March 9, 2011 - By: Dambisa Moyo
"Given the evidence and importance of positive incentives, why, over the past 50 years, have policymakers embarked on a systematic and deliberate strategy of putting in place a catalogue of policies that dis-incentivise citizens from acting in a manner that could be beneficial to their economies, and the world at large?”
The Six Headwinds Threatening the Global Economy
April 18, 2018 - By: Dambisa Moyo
“While public policy has managed to contain the risk of economic destitution in the wake of the financial crisis, there remain manifold long-term, systemic headwinds plaguing the global economy.”
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