About Chris Kneeland | Chris Kneeland is Cult Collective CEO and Partner. Beyond his family, his life’s overriding passion involves helping brands reimagine new ways of doing things. In particular, he’s committed to helping clients redeploy mass-media dollars into customer engagement activities that actually matter.

If you fee like you need some help in that area, that is why the Cult Collective exists. They’d love to help you.


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The Fix: A How-to Guide for Breaking Bad Habits That May Well Wind Up Killing Your Business.
June 10, 2015 - By: Chris Kneeland
“Brand leaders across North America  resort to bribery just to get people to buy. And the proliferation of incentives and advertising has become so bad that many businesses are now overdosing on these short-term stimulants.”
Advertising Isn’t Dead, It’s Just Woefully Overfunded
Aug. 10, 2016 - By: Chris Kneeland
"All is not well in ad-land. An awakening of sorts is happening amongst enlightened brand leaders who are starting to ask a different question. Rather than debate the viability of the craft, many are now wondering, “How little advertising can my brand get away with?”
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