How Our eBooks Work

We've just added an option to buy eBooks here at Change This.  We're excited to offer this option and this page is going to explain how they work if you buy one.

Our eBooks are in PDF form and are DRM free.  You can use them on as many computers and devices as you like, just as long as it is only you using them.  Instead of using DRM we've decided to personalize each book you buy.  At the bottom of each page in your PDF we've put your name and e-mail address with a brief note from the author about not sending your copy to other people.  

After your first book purchase your user profile will have a link to your eBook Library.  Because of our personalization process you will have to request a "publish" of your book.  This process usually takes less than five minutes as our servers personalize your copy.  When your book is ready for download, you will receive an e-mail.  Please add to your address book to ensure spam filters do not block these e-mails.  

In the future if a new version of a book you have purchased is uploaded to our site, we will e-mail you automatically to let you know about the update.  

We hope you like this new feature and stay tuned because we will be expanding our store to include even more!

Posted: June 11, 2010 5:00 a.m.

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