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Issue 99 - 06 | Rethinking Your Business from the
Outside In

By Harley Manning, Kerry Bodine, & Josh Bernoff Published Oct. 10, 2012 12:00 p.m.

“If you read the pages of the Wall Street Journal you would come to believe that business is about big deals—about multi-billion dollar acquisitions, massive pay packages for executives, macroeconomic forces, stuff like that.

In fact, the secret of success is in the little things. Billions of small decisions. […]

Spend a few moments with this essay, and we’ll show you three things. First, customer experience is central. … Second, customer experience is hard, because it’s not just about your front-line customer-facing employees. … Third, delivering a great customer experience requires discipline—or more accurately, six disciplines that cut across every element of how your company operates.”


About Harley Manning, Kerry Bodine, & Josh Bernoff | Harley Manning launched the customer experience practice at Forrester Research and has led it for 14 years. He is currently a vice president and research director. Kerry Bodine is a vice president and principal analyst at Forrester Research and the creative force behind the customer experience ecosystem, a framework that helps companies diagnose and fix customer problems at their roots. Josh Bernoff is a senior vice president of idea development at Forrester Research.

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