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Issue 97 - 05 | How Perceptions Shape Realities
By Baldev Seekri Published Aug. 8, 2012 12:00 p.m.

“In our daily existence, we are constantly on a trip, going from one place to another. It is true whether we are faced with a situation threatening our survival, simply following our daily routine, or met with an unprecedented opportunity to thrive. Our journey is a needed activity that we too often view as a burden, as obligatory and forced. We thus make our journey a monotonous routine, depriving ourselves of memorable experiences and the enjoyment that we really deserve. A large majority of us do not understand that our perceptual view of our journey has a powerful influence on the enjoyment (or lack of it) and the feeling of accomplishment (or lack of it) we could receive from it.”


About Baldev Seekri | Baldev Seekri is a retired General Manager of Texas Instruments Inc. with over 40 years of management experience in many countries with diverse cultural philosophies, and is currently advising a prestigious think tank to turnaround critical situations.


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