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Issue 64 - 03 | Social Response Capitalism: Today and Tomorrow
By Bruce Piasecki Published Nov. 12, 2009 3:47 a.m.

"I believe we need something no less than a new kind of leader. Most social commentators today, from Sarah Palin to Barack Obama, note that we need leaders we can trust, leaders who can compete on price, quality and social needs—from avian and swine flu, to new forms of energy, and better cars, computers and homes. We need to combine the best that MBAs get with what Masters of Public Administration know and get in their experiences of a lifetime. How is this possible? And where will they work?

This essay explores what I mean by social response capitalism—sometime quite necessary but still missed by Fox News and the Heritage Foundation, as well as by most of the liberal leaning members of our thought establishment. Is this a new form of capitalism? Is it a deviant form of socialism? Or simply a new way to compete in a smaller more integrated and globalized world?”


About Bruce Piasecki | Bruce Piasecki is the President and Founder of AHC Group Inc. and the author of seven seminal books on business strategy, valuation, and corporate change, including the Nature Society’s book of the year, In Search of Environmental Excellence: Moving Beyond Blame. Since 1981, his firm has worked for many small, mid, and large size firms on competing on sustainability. Dr. Piasecki’s new book,The Surprising Solution: Creating Possibility in a Swift and Severe World has just been released.

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