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Issue 120 - 06 | Sell Yourself First
By Tom Hopkins & Ben Katt Published Aug. 20, 2014 12:00 p.m.

“People buy you first! It doesn’t matter if you’re meeting people for the first time in a social or business situation, you won’t get far unless you sell yourself first. This comes as a surprise to many people who just show up without thinking about the impression they make on others. In the case of sales professionals, they may prepare their presentations well, but not pay as much attention to preparing themselves as to how they, personally, come across to potential clients.

The basic premise of this article is that ‘it matters.’ It matters if you show up 20 minutes early (awkward in social situations), 10 minutes early (usually appropriate for business), on time (okay in social situations, maybe not for business) or 10 minutes late (never acceptable).

It matters if you’re dressed and groomed appropriately—including whether or not you’re wearing the right shoes (and that they’re in good condition). When you want to capture the attention of others and have them view you as a competent individual, dress and act like one—appropriately for the situation in which you’re meeting them.”


About Tom Hopkins & Ben Katt | Tom Hopkins is renowned as The Builder of Sales Champions. He is a sales expert who has trained over five million students on five continents, and authored 17 books on the subjects of selling and success. Ben Katt is a sales professional, entrepreneur, and consultant to national and regional corporations. By combining their experiences in selling and training, they’ve developed a unique approach to the sales process that’s proven to eliminate becoming lost in the sale, and helping sales pros get past more no’s.


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Essential Strategies for Keeping a Sale Moving Forward
eBook  (9781455550586)  by Business Plus 
Price: $14.99
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