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Issue 116 - 03 | Your Product or Service Is Either Relevant or It’s Worthless: Three Things You Need to Do to Make Sure It’s Relevant
By Andrea Coville & Paul B. Brown Published April 16, 2014 12:00 p.m.

“Every day, according to best estimates, your customers and the people you would like to be your customers, are bombarded with more than 5,000 messages. There are advertisements—commercials, billboards, pop ups; calls from telemarketers; emails from deposed princes who need your help banking their fortunes; companies promising to enhance this or that; signs on buses and cabs; branding on clothing and in stores… you get the idea.

No wonder it is becoming harder and harder to break through the clutter. In an environment where literally thousands of messages are competing for attention, how do you get people to pay attention to your business, message, or offering?

Simply put: by being relevant.”


About Andrea Coville & Paul B. Brown | Andrea Coville is the CEO of Brodeur Partners, a global public relations agency headquartered in Boston, Mass. She has managed the firm since 1999 and has led the agency’s emergence as a technology leader. A hands-on executive who had led several of the agency’s global accounts, Andy has guided strategic communications platforms for corporations and brands including Phillips, Toshiba, Mastercard, IBM, Fidelity Investments, and the American Cancer Society.

Paul B. Brown is a best-selling author who has written, co-written and “ghosted” numerous best-sellers. He is a long-time contributor to The New York Times, and is also a contributing editor to both The Conference Board Review (where he also writes a column) and M.I.T.’s Sloan Management Review.

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