Issue 45

Strive For Minimal Achievement
April 9, 2008 - By: Barry J. Moltz
45 “Failure is valuable only when we realize it is a normal part of the business process even when there always isn’t something to learn. So it does not hold us back. The real fear and pressure in this whole process is not brought on by our competitors or other outside people. It mostly originates within us. The biggest fear we have is that someone i ...

The Freak Factor: Discovering Uniqueness by Flaunting Weakness
April 9, 2008 - By: David Rendall
45 "My experience as an individual, consultant, parent and leader indicates that efforts to fix weaknesses are ineffective. Furthermore, I believe that the goal of being well-rounded is both undesirable and impossible to attain. The purpose of this manifesto is to explain why I believe this and to offer a better alternative. ...

The New Rules of Viral Marketing: How Word-of-Mouse Spreads Your Ideas for Free
April 9, 2008 - By: David Meerman Scott
45 “You and I are incredibly lucky. For decades, the only way to spread our ideas was to buy expensive advertising or beg the media to write (or broadcast) about our products and services. But now our organizations have a tremendous opportunity to publish great content online—content that people w ...

The New Time Management: Simply Focus on the Fundamentals, and Toss Away the Tips
April 9, 2008 - By: Francis Wade
45 "As working professionals across the world, we all want the same things when it comes to time management. We want to feel a certain peace of mind that comes from knowing that our affairs are in order and that we’ve not forgotten something that might jump up later to give us a nasty surprise. We also wa ...

It’s Time to Evolve: Leading with Just Enough Anxiety in the 21st Century
April 9, 2008 - By: Robert Rosen
45 "In Prehistoric times, saber-toothed tigers and other wild animals tried to make primitive man their meal, before he made a meal out of them. Out of this anxiety-ridden society, a built-in coping mechanism was burned into our genes—the fight or flight response. In today’s business world, leaders face a moder ...

Issue 44

A Creative Manifesto: Why the Place You Choose to Live is the Most Important Decision of Your Life
March 7, 2008 - By: Richard Florida
44 “Increasingly, the place you choose to live will help determine your success in business, in finding a life partner, and in living a fulfilling life. In fact, it may be the most important decision of your life. I believe that we are in the beginnings of a shift as fundamental as the in ...

The Megacommunity Manifesto
March 7, 2008 - By: Mark Gerencser, Reginald Van Lee, Fernando Napolitano, and C
44 “Public, private, and civil leaders should confront together the problems that none can solve. Leaders everywhere no longer express as much confidence about the future as they once did. When they speak candidly, it often sounds as if they feel trapped in quicksand, unable to move forward easily. The methods ...

The 10 1/2 Commandments of Visual Thinking: The "Lost Chapter" from The Back of the Napkin
March 7, 2008 - By: Dan Roam
44 “Visual thinking is the future of business problem solving. Using our innate ability to see—both with our eyes and our mind’s eye—gives us entirely new ways to discover hidden ideas, develop those ideas intuitively, and then share those ideas with other people in a way they are simply going to ‘get.’”

Trust Economies: Investigation into the New ROI of the Web
March 7, 2008 - By: Julien Smith and Chris Brogan
44 “If You Build It, They Won't Come What happened to the early days? You built a baseball stadium, a store, a web app, and people flocked to it... now what? We are suspicious of marketing. We don't trust strangers as willingly. Buzz is suspect. It can be bought. Instead, consumers and business people alike are ...

Manners Matter: The Commonsense Approach to Business Etiquette
March 7, 2008 - By: Joel D Canfield
44 “Manners matter, not just socially; we all know manners matter socially. Manners matter in business. Good social skills, in fact, are critical to the success of any business. Let's talk about the why and the how, but first, let's dispel a common myth: being polite doesn't make you a doormat. We've all seen the ster ...

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