Issue 55 - Published March 5, 2009
The Economy Survey The Economy Survey
By ChangeThis Readers

Published March 5, 2009 4:46 a.m. - In November of last year, we sent out a survey to gauge the mood of ChangeThis readers and see if you could help provide some solutions and encouragement for ourselves and eachother. After many months of immense change, both in the country as a whole and within our small company, we have finally finished sifting through those responses. We made the following thr ...
Live the Juggle Life Live the Juggle Life
By Ian Sanders

Published Feb. 12, 2009 2:58 a.m. - "In this scrambled up world of work there are no rules and few walls. And that means the key to business success is totally up for negotiation. It’s time to rethink the best skills to have in any executive or entrepreneur’s toolbox. Forget an MBA from a flash business school, a talent for spreadsheets, or an aptitude for social networking. Think Juggle!" ...
Stories, Storytelling, Story-Selling in Business Stories, Storytelling, Story-Selling in Business
By Tom Nies

Published Feb. 12, 2009 2:34 a.m. - "Good stories fascinate us all. They always have. They always will. At this moment in our nation’s history, we are seeing two epic stories evolving—in terms of our new President, and in the state of our economy. The story of Obama many believe is epic, and certainly the story of our nation’s recession and economic downfall is also a bu ...
A World Without Surprise A World Without Surprise
By Andy Nulman

Published Feb. 12, 2009 2:24 a.m. - "The ChangeThis instructions read: 'If you have a book… please use it only as a jumping-off point from which to isolate a particularly intriguing idea.' Well, I have a book. It’s called Pow! Right Between The Eyes! And its particularly intriguing idea opens mouths, pops eyes and, may I say, whups ass. While potent and influential, it is also the most bullyi ...
Learning to View Your Customers as a Powerful Tribe Learning to View Your Customers as a Powerful Tribe
By Ed Welch

Published Feb. 12, 2009 1:51 a.m. - "As a business it’s tempting to think of a 'tribe' as a 'customer base.' That’s wrong. People aren’t part of a tribe simply because they buy a product or service. What qualifies them as a tribe are their connections. Tribes of customers are connected to an idea, each other, products, services, employees, etc.—creating a network of c ...
Self, and Importance. A Call to Reflection and Action Self, and Importance. A Call to Reflection and Action
By Scott Ballum

Published Feb. 12, 2009 1:42 a.m. - "When we align ourselves with the opinions of others without examination, we are robbing ourselves of the opportunity to analyze our own preferences and desires, to determine our own solutions. We miss the chance to review the criteria others are utilizing, to question their biases and seek our own inspiration. In stunting the develo ...
Powerful Solving: In the Foundation of Innovation Powerful Solving: In the Foundation of Innovation
By Matthew N Battle

Published Feb. 12, 2009 1:33 a.m. - "In order to be powerful, you need to deliver as much force, covering as much distance, in the shortest time possible. Consequently, given a force, if you want to improve the power you need to apply the force over a greater range OR decrease the time needed! Let’s now make an analogy in the cognitive world. What is the force a ...

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