About Michael Bungay Stanier | Michael Bungay Stanier, Senior Partner of Box of Crayons. is the author of Do More Great Work. His new project is End Malaria, which was conceived of and edited by him. It’s a collection of 58 thought leaders sharing their best wisdom on how to do more Great Work. $20 from every $25 sale goes to Malaria No More. $20 is enough to buy a mosquito net and support their life-saving work in the fight against malaria. You can buy your copy and save a life at www.EndMalariaDay.com.


Manifestos by this author
Stop the Busywork!: Seven Ways You Can Do More Great Work
March 3, 2010 - By: Michael Bungay Stanier
"You’ve already heard all the obvious strategies on how to manage 'the overwhelm.' So here are 7 counter-intuitive, but practical ways you can stop the busywork. But, before we go there, let’s talk about why you should bother."
At the Speed of Seth: What I Learned Working With Seth Godin and the Domino Project
Sept. 7, 2011 - By: Michael Bungay Stanier
“Getting anything up and flying is a tricky business. I’m still learning how to catch the wind just right in most of the things I do. This story is about launching a new project, a book. But if it was a kite, right now we'd be seeing it crashed and broken on the ground.”
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